Our Church

Saint Anthony of Padua parish was initially established as the “national Italian Parish” to serve the spiritual needs of the Italian immigrants. The first Saint Anthony of Padua church was built in 1906 at the spot where the present Friendly Gardens is located. As the church was too small to accommodate the thousands of parishioners, the need of building a bigger church was felt. The construction of the new church began in 1924 under Fr. Rovai and the first Mass was offered on June 6, 1926. The church was completed to its present structure on October 3, 1943 under Fr. Guido Pallotta.

Fr. Guida Pallota retired in 1975 and was succeeded by Fr. Joseph Veneto who built a religious education center and the chapel in the parish. Fr. Dominic Menna who succeeded Fr. Veneto in 1986 served the parish until 2001.
Due to the pastoral demands of the archdiocese the former Saint Anthony of Padua parish was merged with the neighboring parishes of St. Theresa and St. John Vianney and made into the new parish of Saint Anthony of Padua in 2001 and Fr. Rocco Michael Guarino was named Pastor of the newly created Saint Anthony of Padua parish.

As soon as he took charge, Fr. Rocco Michael Guarino started plans to further improve the condition of the Church buildings and grounds. The Church interior had over the years become very dark from the soot of the candles and so a total renovation had to be made. The smoke from the candles not only made the church look dark and dirty but also damaged the interior. Under the direction of Fr. Guarino the upper church was totally cleaned an repainted; new pews were installed and led to the awesome and beautiful appearance of the present Saint Anthony of Padua Church. Hundreds of pilgrims who visit Saint Anthony of Padua church invariably wonder at the palatial structure and beauty of the church.

From 2001 on under the able guidance of Fr. Guarino the parish has been evolving into a community of faith-filled disciples of Christ.

Upon Fr. Guarino’s retirement in 2011, Father George Butera was appointed Pastor of St. Anthony’s. Under the leadership of Fr.Butera we are having continued growth in our faith-filled community .

Fr. George Butera retired in June 1, 2019 after serving 51 years as a priest and now resides at Regina Cleri home for the Archdiocese of Boston's retired priests, Fr. George still helps out the parish for Saturday at 4:00 PM.

Rev. Karunaya Xavier Arulraj has been appointed Administrator of St. Anthony of Padua Parish on June 1, 2019 after Fr. George retired. Under the leadership of Fr.Xavier we are having continued growth in our faith-filled community .